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In the coming months, our campaign will be hitting the streets and hosting events to help build a mass working class movement in Santa Cruz. Join us as part of a progressive wave of campaigns to build people-power across Santa Cruz.

Will you donate today to help support our campaign? Our initial goal is $15,000 for website and printed materials design, tech setup and web hosting, photos and video, paying our campaign manager, hosting events, and setting up our field operations. Even a $5-20 donation will help us reach our goal, and if you can make it a monthly donation for 3-4 months, you will help take us to Election Day!

Support Joy​

Would you like to get involved with the campaign as a member of the campaign team or as a volunteer? Would you or a friend like to host a Meet-n-Greet? Please let us know by filling out the form below. Share this website with others as well, we’d love to work with you and yours to grow our movement!

Our campaign will be expanding its campaign committee, recruiting volunteers, getting to know more voters on the westside by hosting small gatherings and canvassing neighbors, and asking for donations and pledges of support.