Joy Schendledecker thinks Santa Cruz's first elected mayor doesn't need to be a professional politician

By Max Chun Source: Lookout Santa Cruz

Joy Schendledecker never thought she would run for office.

Though politically active during the seven-plus years she has called Santa Cruz home, that time has been spent in organizing efforts outside the realm of electoral politics. Along with her work as a multimedia artist, she is an active member of Santa Cruz’s chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and co-founded the collective Santa Cruz Cares and the mutual aid group Sanitation for the People.

Working and organizing with these groups spurred her drive to pursue elected office.

“I’ve seen more directly how policies, laws and the tone of public conversations have real effects on people, and it makes me want to be involved in helping to decide what’s on the books,” Schendledecker told Lookout on Tuesday. Read the full article…